Featured Balance Games

  • Play Plakka Cakka

    Plakka Cakka

    Hang the worm on the cactus!

  • Play Balance War

    Balance War

    Here comes a fun and bounce game where you use your...

  • Play Balancing Boxes

    Balancing Boxes

    Stack the boxes up without letting the platform tilt...

  • Play Balancing Gold

    Balancing Gold

    Attempt this simple game by balancing this measuring...

  • Play Figure Fix

    Figure Fix

    A Physics-based puzzle game in which you have to guide...

  • Play Boll Warriors

    Boll Warriors

    A cowboys game where you have to hold as long as possible...

  • Play Fruit Pole

    Fruit Pole

    Move the fruit from the tree to the basket by using...

  • Play Monkeys Balance game

    Monkeys Balance game

    Try to balance as many monkeys on top pf each other...