Featured Frog Games

  • Play McFrog


    Part platformer, part skill game as you give right...

  • Play Blu Cat

    Blu Cat

    Combine the animals in the order they would eat each...

  • Play Jumpo


    Jump on the coins as they disappear and as you play...

  • Play Drop Job

    Drop Job

    Your task is to water the whole field.

  • Play Frog Mania

    Frog Mania

    Eat all flies with your frogs!

  • Play Donnie's Super-Fly

    Donnie's Super-Fly

    Insect eating pre-historic man. Don't let the frog...

  • Play Witches Brew

    Witches Brew

    Collect all the necessary potions and rituals to cast...

  • Play 3D Frogger

    3D Frogger

    Use the arrow keys to maneuver your frog. Don't get...

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