Mickey Mouse Looking for Numbers

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Mickey Mouse Looking for Numbers is probably the finest Disney games on the internet. What an incredible mixture of Math and Adventure! Effectively, for children it is an incredibly fascinating way to find out numbers. It really is really a difficult game for adults, too. The Mickey Mouse Looking for Numbers is a game that continuously puzzles you and helps you improve your IQ. There are 3 available photographs of Mickey Mouse and also other Disney characters to play with. Every image capabilities 20 hidden numbers. The good issue is that you'll be able to start the game by picking any of the photographs, you don't have to pass a certain level to grant access to all of them. After you click at a single unique image, the game immediately starts. To win, you must locate and click all the hidden 20 numbers. Revealed numbers might be listed within the bottom with the screen. Should you fail to complete the task within the allocated time or make 5 mistakes, you lose the game.

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