Featured Virus Games

  • Play Pandemic 2

    Pandemic 2

    It's up to you to evolve your disease, infect mankind...

  • Play Doctor Zed

    Doctor Zed

    After unsuccessful experiments a gigantic virus escaped...

  • Play Virus Laboratory

    Virus Laboratory

    Virus Laboratory is a exciting block breaking game...

  • Play Vanquish Those Viruses

    Vanquish Those Viruses

    A fast paced falling block game. Match three colors...

  • Play Swine Flu

    Swine Flu

    Swine Flu’ has spread its wings and the swine face...

  • Play Infected


    Puzzle game where you must fight against enemy viruses...

  • Play Morbidus


    You have to eliminate viruses through skilled use...

  • Play Chain Virus

    Chain Virus

    Defeat the virus strategically.